Today is a significant day for our company: the animated series “Lola and Virginia” (Lola & Virginia) is being aired on our voice acting.

We worked for two months on the translation, creation of subtitles, text styling, casting, recording in the Studio and the final processing of the series. The project involved actors who take an active part in the voice acting of the world cartoon hits from Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, etc. We did everything to make small viewers happy to watch this funny and non-trivial series with pleasure!

A little about the show:

Lola is a 12-year-old girl whose life is far from simple. She lives in a rundown neighbourhood, has acouple of snotty younger brothers to look after, always wears cheap clothes and has to put up withher crazy school companions. But, as if that wasn`t enough, it all suddenly becomes much, muchworse with the appearance of Virginia, a stuck-up little rich girl who has everything: beauty, goodgrades, all the boyfriends she could possibly want and filthy-rich parents who never refuse her anything. How will Lola possibly survive all this?

Source: official website

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