Duplication, as such, is an exact repetition of something. The recording and voice acting, for dubbing understand: a full repetition of the speaker, original, foreign voice actors, but in their native language.

Dubbing it the most expensive and high-quality form of voice. On it it is very time consuming, thus, involves a large number of people and the whole process is incredibly time consuming. Speaking of dubbing, we mean not just the work of dubbing and sound engineers actors before the actors take over their roles, should be just a few steps.

Once the movie hits the studio in the first place, for the work of the translators are taken. Their work consists in the fact that the translation was accurate and did not contain semantic blunders.

Once the translation has been carried out, the work begins stacker text. Few people know that the work, when you create a Russian audio track, generally produced. Many viewers wonder how it happened that the articulation of actors, speaking in a foreign language, perfectly coincides with what says the Russian-speaking actor dubbing. For a similar effect, it is a titanic work of a man who chooses his words carefully, similar in meaning to the text of an interpreter, so that the translation consistent with the articulation of the actor. Often, instead of just one word, it is necessary to replace the whole phrase, because different languages ​​have different lengths of phrases. What can be said in English in three words in Russian meet perhaps only five. Stacking is not always carried out over the entire film, often need to put the words on stage, having a close-up, not necessarily to carry out such work when the screen shows a general plan, and even more so when the character is facing the viewer.

The final stage of work with the text - a literary treatment. When the text is fully tested, will start casting for the lead roles. Voice Actors are chosen by the main character, with all the personal characteristics of the characters: the original tone of voice, age, diction, accent and temperament. The demo recording of applicants available to the customer for approval: Sometimes professional actors, voiced by more than one role in the film, but the quality is not affected in any way, because to catch a similar trick only by a professional in the field of sound and film. At this stage, end all the preparatory work and the recording studio to begin voice acting of the film. When working on the sound, the actors rarely intersect with each other, because each of them are recorded separately. At this stage, the main task is to work with the sound engineer dubbing actors: let me know how organically voice to lie down on video, whether coincides exactly with what is happening on the screen as well, he was able to get used to the role, following the synchronicity of speech articulation actor. On average, dubbing takes one to two weeks, if the customer does not stipulate other terms. In addition to dialogues major and minor characters, in some cases, need to record the conversation of people in the background. Doubled, in this case, not only the replica of the scenario but also sound effects environment. These broad areas will be different from the speech in a remote room.

In the future, audio tracks of each actor are reduced to one and created the soundtrack for the movie overall.