About us


The company "Ozeru" was founded in 2013, on the basis of the Creative Association, whose activities included the translation and voice of foreign films into Russian. At the beginning of its formation, the main type of work of the company, was VoiceOver of feature films and animated series. Later, under the leadership of the Director of the company, a full dubbing of the old animated film was released, especially for which, from scratch, a sound track containing the surrounding noises and soundtracks was recreated. A great and painstaking work was done, as a result of which the cartoon acquired a modern, high-quality sound.

In 2014, the company "Ozeru", began to provide services for audio design of computer games. The first work in this direction was the voice of the browser game "Star Ghosts" from "Starni Games".At the moment, the company's activities are not limited to work with sound. 

Since 2015, the company's services have expanded through the creation of animated advertising. Cooperation with talented artists-animators allowe to embody any plot conceived according to the scenario.

Since the second half of 2015, "Ozeru" pays great attention to the development of distribution activities in the Russian Federation. The company continues to develop its activities and strengthen its position in the media industry.