Distribution in the theatrical business - a range of services for the promotion and marketing of films, cartoons and serials. In our case, we will talk about the progress of the Russian Federation of foreign films.

Each year, leaves a huge number of films, we see how cinema sessions are quickly replaced with one novelty to another, online theaters crowded content, but even with all this media - stream, it should be noted that this is only a fraction of what is really removed and It is available to the public. Most often, these grains are the product of Hollywood, a little less common to see films made in France, Italy, Germany or Australia. But the question arises, unless these countries are able to produce high-quality, worthy of the world's lighting movie? We disagree radically. Unfairly were ousted Czech, Slovak, Indian, Japanese, Australian, Indonesian movies and cartoons. Few people know that in the above countries are able to shoot interesting, beautiful and meaningful movies. Sell ​​your masterpiece is not so simple. Especially, I want to hire to carry out in the territory of another country. Ozeru provides services for the promotion of foreign films in the Russian film market.
Our task - to dispel the myth that the film - it's merely one privileged group of countries.

From words to deeds. How can we help.

  There are several ways to promote films:

1. Theatrical release.
2. Show on television.
3. Placement and sale on the online movie theaters.
4. Publication on DVD.

Theatrical release - it is always a big hassle. As a rule, the season is almost a year in advance is painted, so even at the stage of production, the film company is assigned a release date for their product. For a successful and profitable film distribution, it is required to put in the budget a large sum for the advertising campaign. The logical relationship: the more people know about the picture, the more people will come to the session. It depends not only on broad rolling start lighting, but also from themselves advertising methods. Increasingly, the film company choose not only the standard run of the trailer on the media platforms, but also to organize a flash mob on the social networks.

Show on television. If your project is able to interest the target audience of a particular channel, then there is every chance that your creation will fall into the ether. Speaking about the sale of rights to television, immediately brings to mind the name of the federal channels, but we're not just talking about the media giants. In Russia, a lot of independent broadcasting, regional television, not to mention the cable television. It is important to understand exactly for whom the film was shot, what audience is intended and to whom it may be of interest.

At this point, one of the most popular ways to bring the media product to the viewer - an online cinema (and we strongly recommend you to pay attention to this kind of content sales). What could be more convenient, watch latest films in the comfort of home, in comfort, without the crush at the box office? Or, in good quality and with excellent sound, find an interesting movie for the evening? Who among us has not thought that such a view when bored? On the Internet, everything is available in one click, which can not fail to attract. The popularity of pay sites where you can officially buy or rent a film, gaining an audience more and more. Typically, online cinema, which officially posted content to display accepted as a full-length feature and documentary films, as well as high quality short films, not how it is inferior in its performance, the films that go to the cinema or on DVD. Please note that, for example, the iTunes Store does not accept films marked "for adults", as well as training videos and any, other user videos that can not be attributed to the artistic or documentary films.

So, how to sell your film? Where to go if there is a film, and the desire to sell it on sites like iTunes, Google Play, Okko (Yota Play), Netflix? The answer is simple: write to us and we will take all the trouble on himself. Self-sell the film is possible, but will have to face some difficulties. To publish a video, you need to work has been a certain size, decorated according to the established rules, for this encoding is carried out, in addition, you need to have a US TIN, and registered account.