A selection of noise, sounds, and soundtracks for the image to create audio tracks match the video played on the screen. Creating a sound, it is necessary to make the video more realistic number.

  Technological process:

  1) The most time-consuming process - selection of noise and sound effects, as this process all the action happening on the screen should be made public, that would immerse the viewer in the action of the atmosphere to create a sense of presence. During this process, essentially creating a soundtrack for the entire material provided by you. If it is a foreign film, it is likely that during the manufacturing process the sound of the original tracks also recorded in the studio and you can use it, but if we are talking about animation, presentations or other projects that need to recreate everything from start to finish, using the existing library or synthesizing sounds with the help of special tools.

  2) the creative process of musical accompaniment of your project. The complex process in terms of satisfaction with the result, because it is the result of music- composer talent. First, coordinated the overall concept of the soundtrack. Then over it made corrections and subsequently synthesized tracks with various musical instruments with the help of specialized tools.

  3) The process of creating a speech audio track (if needed)